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A little about me.

As a singer and songwriter, I perform and collaborate on many projects in the NYC area. As an actor, I have multiple credits in theater, film, and television, and as a teacher, I have been sharing my love of music with young people and adults for over 30 years. 

It was not my plan to become a singer. I spent my youth studying classical piano, but when I arrived at the New England Conservatory of Music at age 17, I finally admitted that hours of practicing Mozart and Bach were not for me. Throughout High School, my outlet had been singing in rock bands and writing songs. I won't bore you with all the details involved with changing my major from classical piano to jazz voice, but the experience began my lifelong obsession with singing.

To be an accomplished singer, I needed to learn the mechanics of singing, which led me to research, study, and dissect the incredible human voice. Teaching forced me to crystallize my knowledge and validate my method, allowing me to help others with their musical journey.

Learning to sing is not a linear process. When learning to sing, we need to be flexible and patient because the mind and body absorb information at different paces. Our intellect may understand a concept before we can physically coordinate it, which is why we practice!

I base lessons on the needs of each student. Lessons focus on healthy vocal technique, musical interpretation, sight-singing, audition preparation, performance, music theory, and even piano. My primary goal is to help individuals express themselves musically. 


All levels, from beginners to experienced professionals, are welcome. 

"I have had at least 4 voice teachers and Ann is the one that I have learned the most from and is certainly the best. She is patient and supportive and can identify what you are struggling with and explain technical issues in a way that is clear and understandable. I would highly and enthusiastically recommend her."

--- Jeanne N.

"The time that I've studied with Ann has been so instructive and such great fun! Her patience and enthusiasm make our lessons something I look forward to every week. I would highly recommend her to anyone who loves to sing."


--- Lou S.

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