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Are you ready to take your singing skills to the next level? Learning to sing can be a challenging but rewarding experience. As your singing coach, I will guide you through the process.


Learning to sing is not a linear activity. It requires flexibility and patience as the mind and body absorb information at different paces.


A good warm-up is essential for a successful singing session. We'll start each lesson with a vocal warm-up where I'll teach you how the voice functions and provide you with a variety of vocal exercises to practice as you apply your knowledge of vocal technique to singing songs. 

My goal is to help you recognize healthy vocal technique, and gain more confidence in your abilities. With guidance, you'll learn how to use your voice effectively and safely. 


Let's get started and improve your singing skills!

The time that I've studied with Ann has been so instructive and such great fun! Her patience and enthusiasm make our lessons something I look forward to every week. 

- Lou S.

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Singing is not just about technical ability, it's about storytelling. The intentions we convey through our performance shape our tone and phrasing. It's important to have a clear message to communicate with our audience.

Our mental state can also have a significant impact on our singing performance. "Stage Fright" or "Performance Anxiety" can be a major obstacle for many singers, regardless of their technical abilities.

Training our minds to focus on communication can have a positive impact on our overall performance. It's important to remember that mental preparation is just as important as physical preparation when singing.

With my expertise and compassionate approach, we can work together to help free you from any fear of performing. Contact me today to schedule a session.




Whether you are preparing for an audition or working on a musical project, I can help you! With over 30 years of experience as a voice teacher, piano teacher, songwriter, and actor, I can help you achieve your goals. I will work with you to develop your skills as a musician and a performer so you can express yourself fully. Contact me today to start your musical journey.

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